CakeSwagg (Body Bagz) a.k.a “The Pencess” has brought her music to life by creating a well thought out release for “Ferb and Phineas”. First dropping an animated video and October 31, the official video was premiered (see below). 

CakeSwagg has been making their move in the rap scene but finally getting the recognition she deserves! Staying consistent with her weekly Talk That Talk Tuesdays, you can find CakeSwagg dropping a freestyle to the latest or classic beats. 

In the animated video of Ferb and Phineas, her brothers surprise her by building a studio booth, testing it out and performing in front of this crowd. Did I forget to say that this was animated! Check it out here.

The Official Video for Phineas and Ferb takes you through a remake of Alice in Wonderland meeting CakeSwagg’s paradise. Keep up with her on Tuesdays and don’t forget to subscribe to artists youtube channels. 

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