Cheve ‘The Silent Gem’ 

Cheve has worked with some of the most notable artists taking charge in the City of Boston and beyond. Teaming up for background vocals with Oompa, Red Shaydez and Brandie Blaze, and newly awarded Boston Music Award winner Miranda Rae (R&B Artist of the Year). Cheve recently collaborated with 2020 Nominee DJ WhySham’s single “Say My Name: Rekia Boyd ” featuring Porsha Olayiwola (Boston’s Poet Laureate).  

Cheve’s voice may go unheard because she truly is the “The Silent Gem” but the one behind the scenes directing all of the musical components. Being the newest edition to Maze Radio, Cheve has added a layer of theatrical piece bringing music cyphers to life. Before music sessions, Cheve has come prepared with where all of the vocal arrangements should lay. 

In the end of “Say My Name: Rekia Boyd” a poem by Porsha Olayiwola, mixed with drill beats, Cheve’s arrangements of repeating “Say Her Name”, reaching deep inside and flipping the “Say Her Name” phrase, to make it personal has resonated across the world. 

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Notable Songs:

Oompa: “Thank You (Fed) & “Joy Back”

Red Shaydez: “Hit It”

DJ WhySham: “Say My Name: Rekia Boyd”

Cheve is also the Creative Director and Production Coordinator –Inside The Maze