Jill McCracken Think “Amy Winehouse, Adele, Lauryn Hill” wrapped in one (my opinion) I’m just saying with such a powerful voice, the stars will align soon for Jill. I had the pleasure of working on “Love Me Pt.1” ft. Monaveli with Jill and she delivered. Her songwriting skills based off our one meeting was inspiring. I am pretty sure if the sound went out at an venue (I hope not) the audience wouldn’t mind an acapella. “Help Me , Hold Me, Heal Me” song/video is out now on all streaming platforms so make sure you do what I tell you best “Download that Joint” and catch her headlining at Brighton Music Hall, May 19th. – DJ WhySham

What do you like to eat for lunch?

I’m so bad at lunch lately. I’ll make a bagel with cream cheese and tomato (which is more like breakfast?) and then be hungry again an hour later.

Who inspires you in the moment right now and why?

Samm Henshaw! He’s a soul/r&b artist from the uk who recently released an album that i’ve listened to no less than 7,000 times. he’s an incredible songwriter and is able to incorporate joy and levity alongside complicated difficult feelings in a way that i’ve never heard before.

How do you think you have influenced the Boston community and Beyond?

I think I’ve influenced the boston community with my voice, my songwriting, and my presence and willingness to show my full self in a vulnerable way.

How do you think your music stand out from other artists?

I think it stands out by being very raw emotionally without feeling like a downer.

How long does it take for you to compose or produce music? What is that creative process like?

I usually like to write songs all in one sitting. I won’t usually put a song down and come back to it. that can either be a 20 minute session or 6 hours. I just sit and chase down the ideas until I have a full song.

What do you want listeners to get out of this song/project?

I want them to feel haunted, in a good way, by the strength of acknowledging their own needs.

What are some encouraging words you would say to SparkFM and Lunch Is Ova audience?

It’s okay to feel how you feel. You’re not too much. You’re doing your best.

How can Lunch Is Ova x SparkFM x Boston Got Next Support you?

Playing my song, sharing, tagging me, spreading the word, all of it helps 🙂

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