Ant Thomas | Hip Hop

Ant Thomas | April 19, 2022

Back with his latest single “Feel Me”, Ant Thomas has been on the Boston scene for a minute. Mixing his music, personal experiences and growth “Feel Me” is the track to be listening to right now.

Aliyah Boston | Sports

Aliyah Boston | April 4, 2022

Player of the Year AND Defensive Player of the Year #GotNext! @NaismithTrophy
Boston has won every national player of the year award so far this season –ESPN

Love Ballad | R&B

Mr. Love Ballad | April 4, 2022

Sometimes you have to put yourself out there!
All it took was one tweet! Love Ballad responded to Ari Lennox “I need a sangin ass singer for this freaky song I have…” and boy did he deliver! Now getting a co-sign from Ari Lennox (via twitter) more of the world is now able to see Love Ballad’s controlled angelic range booming and gracing everyone right now. Don’t sleep, Love Ballad has made a name for himself we think it is safe to say Love Ballad #GotNext!

The Pencess | Hip Hop

DJ WhySham | CakeSwagg | March 28, 2022

We were banging out half a song, and maybe even a full song each session,” Cakeswagg tells Vanyaland, speaking on their efficiency. –Vanyaland
@CakeSwagg #GotNext! Read More…