The Pencess : “As for this mixtape, it’s top notch from the first pop to the final drop. CakeSwagg is a beast who’s capable of bleeding on the track or simply battering a beat for sport. With WhySham holding her down, there’s no telling where this could go from here.
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As Cakeswagg and WhySham emphasized on their prior collaboration “We Run This City,” they dominated Boston music in 2020, and they still do in 2022. Their creative juices are so momentous that the pair even shared a follow-up project within days of dropping 
The Pencess: A new single and video called “Who Got Next?”, a riff on WhySham’s own business Boston Got Next” –Vanyaland

“The duo enlisted: Axestrumentals out of Boston, PapaRaw from Russia, Skev Beats from Philly, and Jon Glass out of Mass