Nieisha Deed is one of the hidden gems in the city, known for her huge smile that lightens up any room she walks in. I have seen her at various events supporting and doing what she loves best “Dancing”. She is the founder of “Pure Spark” advocating for mental health needs and we wanted to have a chat with her. –DJ WhySham

What do you like to eat for lunch?

I am a mental health entrepreneur and the founder of PureSpark. I like to eat Anything healthy; a eat an avocado just about every day.

Who inspires you in the moment right now and why?

ooh that’s a tough one, but I’ll name a category, there are so many black women entrepreneurs that inspire me to keep on going and to never give up. They remind me everyday that my dreams are possible. I am thankful for them all.

How do you balance relationships (friendships, spouse, work)?

I’m not sure there is such a thing as balance, some days I do well, other days I can do better, both both days I’m doing my best. I try to check in with friends and family through text, phone calls, or on social media. And to be honest, I work pretty much everyday (not a full 8 hours), but when you love what you do and when you know why God put you on this earth, it’s sometimes difficult for me to stop working.

What are some highlights in your life and career?

I talk about this all the time but December 2017 will always be a pivotal moment for me, it’s when I fell into a deep depression and had made plans to end my life, but thank God for my family who loved on me constantly and my biggest support system, they loved me back to healthy. Almost a year later I made the decision to leave corporate and start my own Mental Health and Wellness platform PureSpark.

How do you think you have influenced the Boston community and Beyond?

Not sure that I can say I have influenced all of Boston, however for the people who I have met and for the people who have been introduced to my platform they have (1) learned Mental illness does not discriminate (we all have the capacity to become mentally ill) and or (2) they have been connected with a therapist and or wellness provider because of the work that I am doing.

What are some encouraging words you would say to SparkFM and Lunch Is Ova audience?

If you are on a healing journey or struggling, please be gentle with yourself. Healing is a life long process and if you need help reach out to someone or reach out to us!

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